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Well See, I'm Glad You Asked.

As talented as they come, it’s hard to find a DJ with the determination, drive, and skills of DJ LiXxer. Hailing all the way from Ann Arbor, MI, this Hip-Hop/ R&B, and Top 40 Tomboy is known for her funky, upbeat style on the one’s and two’s as well as calm, cool, and collected demeanor on the microphone. Starting from humble beginnings as a producer, in just a couple of short years she has pushed herself from hosting basement parties on Ypsilanti’s Southside to networking with some of the more recognized names in the Detroit radio and Hip-Hop scene.

Much of DJ LiXxer’s push and drive comes from the inspirations around her. As a young girl, she grew up in a household listening to the likes of Luther Vandross, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Miles Davis, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Najee, and other soulful R&B, and jazz legends. It wasn’t until she listened to the Notorious B.I.G.’s sample of Mtume’s “Juicy Fruit” on his most legendary hit “Juicy” is when she fell in love with Hip-Hop so deeply at a very young age.

With this inspiration came much of DJ LiXxer’s creative drive when it comes to music. Although she had not picked up a turntable until the ripe age of 21, DJ LiXxer has always been involved with music in many ways. Whether that be writing music from the tender age of nine, participating in step teams, producing beats, or beatboxing for high school talent shows, DJ LiXxer had always been bit by the music bug.

Some of DJ LiXxer’s influences drive from the very artists she grew up listening to. In more than one occasion you might find her mixing a bit of Teena Marie with James Brown, taking it way back with a smooth transition of John Coltrane and Etta James, then later on she might be getting loose to some 2Pac and Justin Timberlake! That is what makes DJ LiXxer so unique, when at an event for her, you’ll always get something new and fresh that you’ve never heard before!